5 Essential Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

5 Essential Spring Yard Maintenance Tips
Spring has sprung! Make summer a breeze with these spring yard maintenance tips!

1Yard Clean-Up

The colorful leaves in the fall are a sight to see - but not when they are crunchy in flower beds! Take some time to remove fall and winter debris and those pesky weeds. Fresh mulch also enhances curb appeal for a fresh look for the spring and summer!

2. Trimming
Inspect shrubs, especially ones too close to the home or air conditioner. Look for stray branches or dead areas to start trimming. Trimming stimulates new growth to keep the shrub healthy. It's also important in controlling the shape or size of the shrub. For roses, trimming should be done right above the first bud on healthy stems.

3. Lawn Maintenance

There is much more to lawn maintenance than mowing! The secret is raking, feeding, and seeding. Raking will remove any winter debris to make way for fertilizers. Fertilizing is key to healthier, thicker, and greener grass! Make sure to fertilize before forecasted rain or while the soil is moist, on a day with low wind. Always read the label carefully. If the summer is hot and dry, further fertilization applications will be needed. Seeding will replace the loss of grass from the previous year and push out any pesky weeds.

4. Lawn Mower Tune-Up

Before knocking out that first big mow of the season, take a few minutes and tune-up that lawnmower. Routine maintenance is key to keeping a smooth mowing season. If using a pushmower, sharpen the blades, and fill with fresh gas and oil. For a riding mower, make sure to service the engine with new oil and filter.

5. Add Some Color!

Blooming flowers are the best part of spring! Nothing is better than the eye-catching colors and sweet aromas! There are two main classifications of plants: annuals and perennials. Annuals only live through one season and perennials typically come back season after season. Trimming perennials at the beginning of the season is important in keeping them healthy! Looking to add new perennials? Irises, Knock-Out Roses, and Hostas are low maintenance options! Annuals add the flashy pop of color all season long with less of a dent to the pocketbook. Petunias, Zinnias, and Pansies are some of the most common with many color variations! 

Follow these 5 steps and enjoy a beautiful yard this summer!

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